Some Hollywood Celebs Wrote An Open Letter Demanding World Leaders Take More Action To End The Pandemic, And People Are Mocking It Pretty Mercilessly

Celebrities want to do something to help end the pandemic, and their hearts are clearly in the right place, but boy, it’s a fine line to walk. First, Gal Gadot and friends treated us to the arguably tone-deaf “Imagine” sing-along and now, more A-listers are being mocked on Twitter for another well-intentioned, apparent misstep.

On Tuesday morning before President Joe Biden was scheduled to address the United Nations, 80 celebrities and high-powered entertainment figures signed an open letter urging world leaders to “end the Covid-19 pandemic now.” The letter was posted on, an international humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting global poverty and world hunger. In it, celebs like Eva Longoria, Peter Dinklage, Anne Hathaway, Ciara, Alyssa Milano, and more pressed world leaders to find a solution to the issue of vaccine inequality, calling Covid “a manmade pandemic of apathy.”

“Only 2% of people in low-income countries have received a single dose,” the letter reads. “Leaving the world’s most vulnerable to face COVID with no protection. This situation also lets new variants, like Delta, emerge and ravage the lives of millions. ”

The letter goes on to ask that global leaders make 7 billion vaccine doses available by the end of this year, and another 7 billion available by mid-2022 so that we can hopefully end the pandemic within a year’s time.

“To get this done the world community must also invest in last-mile delivery systems, public education, and frontline healthcare workers to get vaccines from tarmacs into arms,” the address continues. “Millions of doses could go to waste because low-income countries don’t have the support they need to get vaccines to vulnerable people. ”

The letter ends by stating that “none of us are safe until all of us are safe.”

And look, the message of this letter is a good one. Obviously, we need world leaders to step up and make vaccines more widely available if we want to end this pandemic soon, but when demands come from wealthy A-listers with easy access to vaccines and health care and the privilege of not having to worry about things like paychecks and sick leave and rent moratoriums, well … you can bet your butt that Twitter is probably not going to view the attempt well.