Every 'Late Night' Shout Out To The Roots Ever

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05.30.12 2 Comments

No person who possesses a soul dislikes The Roots. This is undeniable. No matter what creed or color, what religious, ethnic, or political background, regardless of how talented or untalented a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon may be, there is always one common denominator: a shout out to The Roots. So as part of the recent 500th episode celebration, the Late Night team shared this message and corresponding video on YouTube:

The Roots always make it a point to come up with a unique song for each guests and give them a little love. In return, a ton of guests noticed the songs and gave The Roots some love right back. In honor of our 500th show, we cut together every one of those guests giving The Roots a shout out.

Video below. We can officially stop hypothesizing over the one thing Michael Moore and WWE star HHH have in common.

Late Night via The High Definite

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