EXCLUSIVE: A Behind The Scenes Clip From 'Noobz'

Movies about gamers are few and far between. In fact, realistically speaking, there’s only been one that’s ever seen a genuinely wide release, and that would be The Wizard.

Noobz is hoping to reverse that trend, or at least have a movie that doesn’t expect us to accept that you could use the Power Glove for anything other than cosplay. And we’ve got a behind-the-scenes clip!

Here’s writer and director Blake Freeman speaking a bit about the movie, and Casper Van Dien (playing himself) looking a lot like Kurt Russell.

BTSclips Blake03 SD from Dan Seitz on Vimeo.

As for the finished product, here’s the trailer:

We have to admit, there are few films that truly mine the comedy of angry, profane children, so we’ll be curious to see the rest of the movie. We also have to give them credit for tracking down an actual license; part of the reason so many movies about nerd culture choke is they try to evoke golden nostalgic feelings about Wolfninja and the Z-Men, so Gears of War being involved in this is a big step up.

Speaking of which, we’ll be offering up a review shortly. Or if you want to go in cold, Noobz will be in theaters January 29th.