Exclusive First Look: 'The Fox' #3's First Trailer

The Fox, from Archie imprint Red Circle, is a clever reinvention of a Golden Age hero. Paul Patton is a photojournalist who was just looking to get some photos of superheroes… and now he’s stuck, however reluctantly, fighting as a superhero himself. And Dean Haspiel’s third issue likely has the Fox reconsidering his choice of superheroics in this exclusive trailer.

The Fox, under Dean Haspiel’s plotting and art with Mark Waid chipping in, has impressed us with its faithful, but distinct, updating of a hero that was largely a trivia question for many fans. Haspiel has turned it into a snappy, Eisner-esque action comic with a smart sense of humor. And, as you’ll see in this exclusive trailer, not a small dose of trippiness:

Why, yes, that’s the Fox holding his own dismembered head. We told you it was trippy!

The Shield is also of interest. Serving as a back-up feature, J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Cavallaro, it’s a flashback to World War II, but the first story ended on an interesting note, where the Shield muses that, perhaps, he and his Axis counterparts were not so different.

The Fox will kick off the New Year: Issue #3 arrives January 1st. We’ll have a full review, so keep an eye out.