Facebook Will Make Your Next Breakup Easier With New Options To Hide Your Exes

Shutterstock / Facebook

Good news, Facebook fans (sort of). The next time you break up with a significant other, there will be options to help erase this person from your digital future. On Thursday morning, Facebook announced a new set of “take a break” tools to ease the pain of spotting your ex all over your timeline. These new options, which are currently in testing, will only present themselves in the moment of need. So, the next time you downgrade a relationship status, you will be prompted to select whether you want to completely hide your ex from sight.

Alternatively, you can choose whether you want to “see less” of this person. This will mean you won’t have to unfriend or block them, but their no-good (cheater) face won’t appear in your News Feed. You also won’t be prompted to tag them, which is a nice touch. Another option will be to change your own privacy settings, so they won’t be able to see all the awesome photos you post with your relationship jumpoff. Because in an ideal world, you’ll have someone waiting in the wings (like they do).

See, these new tools work both ways, and your ex won’t be notified of the changes at all. If you’re really serious about washing that ex out of your hair, you can also choose to untag yourself from all their past posts. Facebook calls all of these new options, “Improving the Experience When Relationships End.” The tools will soon roll out, but try really hard not to break up with someone in the meantime.

(Via Facebook)