Faces Of Rejected Bachelorettes Is A Sad But Hilarious Orgy Of Pretty Mistakes

Every now and then a gem will go virtually unnoticed on the internet, managing to hide virtually in plain sight despite a weary public’s eager cravings for it — though it may at times be something the public doesn’t even know it’s something it needs or wants. Such is the case with Faces of Rejected Bachelorettes.
I mean, who hasn’t tuned into The Bachelor haphazardly and thought, “WHO ARE THESE WOMEN WHERE DID THEY FIND THEM AND WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM?!?!?!” And then, once we get past the shock of what our eyes and ears are processing, we laugh at these women, as they are women whose misery should be laughed at. Now normally I’d never advocate laughing at a crying woman. Crying women, in fact, hurt my heart when I see them.
But not these women.
Laugh at them after the jump, internet. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Then laugh at them some more. There, doesn’t that feel good?! You’re damn right it does. You’re welcome.
(UPDATE: Our long lost UPROXX cohort Matt Ufford emailed to let me know that he was ALL OVER the rejected bachelorettes thing last year. Matt, you’re a dick for beating us to this, but we love and miss you.)
(HT: Newsweek)