A Man Disguised As An Apple Employee Was Able To Steal A Whole Bunch Of iPhones


Despite a rapper being able to record their entire album during the store’s business hours, you would think that it would be hard to filch anything at an Apple store. Security is tighter there than Fort Knox, but a man in New York last week was able to pull off an iPhone heist of epic proportions all because he donned the uniform of a Genius.

According to DNA Info, a man wearing a replica Apple employee uniform was able to filch 19 iPhones from the SoHo location in New York on June 1st by taking the phones out of drawers and bringing them back to a repair room. The pseudo Apple employee allegedly handed off the hot phones to an accomplice who hid them under their shirt. How they were able to hide 19 iPhones under their shirt without someone mentioning something I have no idea, but the thieves ended up getting away with merchandise totaling over $16,000.

Two similar Apple Store robberies occurred this year as well in New York but at the Upper West Side location. Again, people disguised themselves in Apple uniforms to commit their crimes. Just a quick search on eBay yields dozens of listings for ‘authentic’ Apple employee t-shirts. It isn’t hard to acquire one. and according to Mashablethe targeted locations are frequent training locations so there are tons of new faces coming and going. As of Thursday evening, the bandits have not been caught.

(Via: Mashable)