This Man Who Trolls The Subway With Fake Books Returns With A Hilarious Partner

In April, we saw the wondrous video of the man who trucked out fake books on the subway to freak out his fellow passengers. Their reactions were priceless, and the video was so successful that its writer and star (Scott Rogowsky) came back for more. This time, the books are bigger but not necessarily better unless you enjoy plentiful tasteless jokes. Ragowsky also brought a pal (Akilah Hughes, known as Smoothiefreak on YouTube) along for the ride. Much like the first video, these two caused quite a ruckus on an enclosed subway car, and people aren’t bothering to hide their laughter or their camera phones.

As expected, these books are not even close to politically correct. They poke fun at sexual taboos and racial stereotypes to great reception. The How To Fake Your Own Death by “Prince” likely arrives far too soon, but one can rest assured that Prince himself would probably laugh at the worst joke book of the video. These two also found “Becky With The Good Hair,” and she just happens to be Malala Yousafzai. After many adventures — along with Why Women Deserve Less and Ever Been With A Black Girl — these jokesters manage to ride in mutual solitude until they regard each other’s literary selections with mutual distaste. And they both deserve both the eye rolls and the high-fives for this video.


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