Read These Fake, Absurd Reviews Somebody Left On Ikea Products

09.09.15 3 years ago

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Ikea isn’t just a place to fill your crappy apartment with affordable, utilitarian furniture. It’s also a place of inspiration for various pranksters and comedians. First, there were these art fans praising Ikea furniture, just because it’s been placed in a museum, then there was the man who annoyed his girlfriend with Ikea puns. Now there are these fake product reviews that somebody left on various Ikea products in the store.

Courtesy of imgur user obviousplant, whoever is behind these in store Ikea reviews doesn’t pull any punches, implicating dubstep, Jehovah’s witnesses and even The Chronicles of Narnia in his or her madness. To be honest, though, I would totally buy this wardrobe if it took me to Narnia.

Ikea wardrobe


However, I wouldn’t buy this dubstep couch, and I think this joke would’ve played better in 2010.

Ikea couch


This existentialist joke is also kind of played out, but points for making me imagine what a Yelp or Amazon review by Albert Camus would sound like.

Ikea clocks


Ditto if a whiny Aladdin went to Ikea.

ikea rug


Holds eighty snakes? I’m sold!

Ikea trashcan


Like Ikea products themselves, these jokes are hit or miss, but seeing these reviews in person probably makes that dreaded Ikea run way more enjoyable.

(h/t Bro Bible)

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