London Police Had An Hour-Long Standoff With This Terrifying Fake Snake

Police take their responsibility to protect the public very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that officers in London spent a full hour in a tense standoff with this terrifying lawn ornament.

A worried resident spotted the “snake” and called authorities to report a reptile “on the loose” near a local school. Officers soon arrived and observed the “venomous adder” and reported that it was “lying very still on a patio.”

The police took care not to approach the object, which resembled a diamondback snake. The officers noted that, “It seemed to have blended in with the colour of its surroundings – as if for its own protection.” Perhaps because the lawn ornament was also made of concrete? Just a guess.

Eventually, one of the officers wondered why the snake never moved, but he guessed, “They can stay still for a long time.” Eventually, a passerby pointed out that the “snake” was simply an ornament. Another resident, Gary Hollins, shrugged and said, “I could have told you it was a fake snake because the paint is peeling off it.”

Man, the officers of Reno 911 never would have fallen for this charade.

(Via Telegraph & Death & Taxes)