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The Best Of #Party Down [Uproxx]

Meme Watch: Lenny Kravitz Auditions For Hipster Verizon Guy [Uproxx]

Three Musketeers trailer has zeppelin-carried pirate ship fights [Filmdrunk]

Ten Toys That ‘Transformed’ Into Television Shows [WarmingGlow]

Quentin Tarantino And Some Lady He Met At A Party, A Toe-Sucking Hollywood Love Story [Uproxx]

Gilbert Arenas Really Loves Planking [WithLeather]

Louis C.K.: Why Farts Are Funny [WarmingGlow]

BBQ’s & Boomboxes: 25 Essential Summer Songs [TSS]

Lady Gaga Is A Panda Now [Uproxx]

This Week in Posters [Filmdrunk]

Michael Jackson gave Aaron Carter coke at 15 [WWTDD]

Myspace Sells For Half A Billion Less Than It Sold For In 2005 [Uproxx]

Art School In A Sentence. [NextRound]

Call of Duty in real life [DaveandThomas]

The Matrix Lobby Scene Goes A Cappella [Unreality]

Chris Hansen on the other side of an undercover sting operation [Buzzfeed]

VIDEO BELOW: “Last Words” starring Mark Pellegrino, Sean Carrigan, Jon Bernthal, and Dan Perrault (possibly NSFW for swearing) [via Buzzfeed]

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