Famous Movie Still Guns As Nintendo Zappers

Inspired Redditor NullPoint84 has a gift for photoshop, more specifically replacing guns with old school red and gray Nintendo zappers in famous movie stills. The truly brilliant part is how detailed his work is, getting the angles just right so the zapper substitution is seamless and scene nostalgia remains intact. Spider still suffers one of the least rational deaths in cinema history, just this time Duck Hunt style (next slide).
NullPoint84’s talents are specialized, sure, but there’s plenty of demand and by taking comment requests he has assembled quite the impressive collection. I’ve included a few of my favorites here. And would like to toss in my own personal requests of Butch and Sundance, the True Grit reigns-in-mouth still, and MOAR TARANTINO. Also for his next project I’m thinking Power Gloves in famous political photos. Dude will have his own gallery showing in no time.