Morpheus And 9 Other Famous Roles Almost Portrayed By Russell Crowe

How are we feeling about this weekend’s big release Noah? Excited for a new Darren Aronofsky movie? Possibly hoping that it will kickstart a Christopher Nolan version of Jonah and the whale? Just like every mainstream religious movie ever made, Russell Crowe is already receiving criticism from religious groups for his “inaccurate” portrayal of Noah, but the guy seemed pretty carefree about it during his jam session on The Tonight Show.

Noah will be Crowe’s first time working with director Darren Aronofsky, but he was actually supposed to star in one of the director’s earlier projects. When you can’t get Russell Crowe though, you go with the next best Aussie — Hugh Jackman. Here are ten roles that Russell Crowe lost to Jackman or another A-list actor.

1. The Matrix — 1999, Russell Crow was offered the part of Morpheus, but turned it down to work on The Insider and Gladiator.

2. X-Men — 2000, Crowe had just finished Gladiator and decided to work with Ron Howard on A Beautiful Mind, but suggested Hugh Jackman for the part of Wolverine.

3. The Lord Of The Rings — 2001, Crowe turned down the role that would go to Viggo Mortensen because the film’s producers wanted to pay him 10 percent of the franchise’s profits instead of an upfront fee.

4. About A Boy — 2002, Actor Hugh Grant would play the role of Will, but at one time Russell Crowe was in the running for the part.

5. The Alamo — 2004, Ron Howard was originally attached to direct with Russell Crowe on board, but when the film was moved over to director John Lee Hancock, Dennis Quaid got Crowe’s part.

6. Collateral — 2004, this film went nowhere for three years until Russell Crowe showed interest, but when production became delayed he left the project and Michael Mann pulled in Tom Cruise.

7. The Fountain — 2006, Brad Pitt was originally going to play the role of Tomas, but dropped out and the part was passed from Russell Crowe on down to Hugh Jackman.

8. The Da Vinci Code — 2006, Crowe was considered for the starring role that would of course go to Tom Hanks.

9. Sweeney Todd — 2007, when Sam Mendes was attached to the project Russell Crowe was on board for the role of Sweeney Todd. The project shifted over from Mendes to Tim Burton, who of course, kicked Crowe to the curb and brought in his BFF Johnny Depp.

10. Australia — 2008, Crowe was originally attached as the male lead, but in the end it went to Hollywood’s other favorite Aussie, Hugh Jackman.

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