A Farmer Almost Lost His Penis After It Was Bit By A Venomous Snake While He Was Taking A Leak

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A 46-year-old farmer in the Jammu and Kashmir region of northern India was taking a whiz in an open field recently when somehow he was bitten on the penis by a highly venomous Levantine viper. It was three hours before he could get to a hospital in the nearby city of Sringar and by then, the man’s penis was “grossly swollen” with fluid-filled blisters at the puncture points. Although his blood was already clotting, doctors were able to administer anti-venom in time, and the man was released from the hospital after three days with both his penis and his life.

It wasn’t until fours days after that, however — a full week after he was bitten — that the swelling finally went down, and even then he was left with black marks on his penis where the snakes venom had actually caused necrosis of the skin. If you want to see the before and after photos which are super duper not safe for work, or for life in general for that matter, the New England Journal of Medicine documented the whole thing. What you choose to do with that link is completely up to you and may god have mercy on your soul should you click on it.

(Via New England Journal of Medicine via The Daily Mail)

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