Betty Draper Francis' Added Girth Celebrated With A New Ben And Jerry's Flavor

Contains absolutely no placenta.

Our friend Jon Defreest is the master of fictional pop culture Ben & Jerry’s flavors (praise we hope to someday read on the back cover of a bestselling art book). His entertaining Ben & Jerry’s flavors based on fictional characters include tributes to Roger Sterling, Jeff Lebowski, Tobias Fünke, Ron Swanson, Dexter Morgan, and Herman Cain. (Wait, you’re telling me Herman Cain wasn’t a fictional character? No way, dude. Nobody real would think the 9-9-9 plan could actually work.)

Defreest’s newest flavor pays tribute to our schadenfreude regarding that obnoxious a-hole Betty Francis (formerly Draper) gaining a bunch of weight, a fitting end for an ice queen who has probably said plenty of horrible things to any women who weighed more than her. Not that we think her weight gain will convince her to be a better person. In fact, seeing the Bugles in this ice cream might only incite more emotional violence…

BTW, today is free cone day at Ben and Jerry’s.

(H/T: Tauntr and Jonny etc.)