An Anonymous Tweeter Trolled The Fat Jew By Tweeting His Entire Book A Page At A Time

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Josh Ostrovsky, who is familiar to Internet users as The Fat Jew and an all-around unsavory person, has reached a modicum of success despite being called out by Patton Oswalt for cribbing everyone else’s jokes. Ostrovsky subsequently gave an interview where he referred to himself as a “curator” of humor, which is a fancy way of admitting he steals, but only for the greater good. The Internet found Ostrovsky’s claim of altruism to be ridiculous, and the Internet does not forget.

On Tuesday, The Fat Jew released his book, Money Pizza Respect, to a barely interested smattering of one-star reviews. The best one simply reads, “Joking, right?” The book didn’t last long as an “original” work because a vigilante uploaded the whole thing to Twitter. This person created the UpDog7 twitter account with a profile that reads, “hey there, i wrote a book.” The account consists of 100+ tweets consisting of scanned pages of the tome, and boy howdy, does it look atrocious. Ostrovsky’s introduction reads, “The fact that someone would pay me real dollars to write a book makes me LOL.”

Most importantly, the pinned tweet at the top of the vigilante account account reflects a now-removed entry that hit the skids after being “in response to a report from the copyright holder.” In addition to the photos on Twitter, the account holder also uploaded hi-res PDF files containing all of Ostrovsky’s baby. This is a fitting fate for a book that was probably stolen from several sources in the first place.

Meanwhile, a few folks on Twitter still care enough to laugh at The Fat Jew.

(Via Death and Taxes)