Favored Corgis, Faithful Steeds, and Links

06.16.11 8 years ago

The Ten Most Ridiculous Items On Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries’ Wedding Registry [Uproxx]

Onion News Network previews The Green Lantern, truly a thing come true for me [Filmdrunk]

10 examples of religious groups freaking out over TV shows [WarmingGlow]

Montel Williams Enters The Marijuana Dispensary Business [Uproxx]

Video compilation: cooking show money shots [WarmingGlow]

Tupac Shakur’s Alleged Quad City Shooter Confesses [TSS]

The Dugout by Bill Simmons [WithLeather]

Ridiculous Rap Lyrics [TSS]

Cat Licks Invisible Ice Cream Cone [Buzzfeed]

The Seven Best Con Artists in Movies [Unreality]

Spiderman Turn Off the Dark Pictures [EgoTV]

Five Must-Watch Videos of Vancouver Canucks Fans Rioting After Losing to Boston in the Stanley Cup [Brobible]

Venn Diagram: HBO Programming Breakdown [CollegeHumor]

Five Things X-Men First Class Got Wrong About Women in the 1960s [TSJ]

VIDEO BELOW: Drive-thru cat wash [via HYST]

[Pictures via CorgiAddict and TheClearlyDope]

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