This FedEx Driver Is Lucky To Be Alive After Getting Caught In An EF-3 Tornado

Steve Caparotta, a meteorologist for WAFB Baton Rouge, posted this harrowing CCTV footage of a hardware store being ravaged during an EF-3 category tornado in Paincourtville, Louisiana, last week, nearly claiming the life of Kyra Johnson, a FedEx driver who got caught in the middle of it. In the clip, you can see Johnson racing toward the store, and — after finding the door locked — attempting to take cover behind a soda-vending machine, just before the roof was pulled off the building and the camera blinked out.

Incredibly, Johnson survived her ordeal and later told reporters that somehow she was miraculously shielded. She later wrote in a Facebook post that she feels as though she had been given a protective bubble by a higher power. It certainly seems as though someone or something was watching over the working mother that day. Whatever the case, Johnson is damn lucky to be alive judging by the footage and photos of the aftermath. No one was killed in the tornado, despite the fact that several homes and businesses were damaged. Consider this your latest reminder not to screw around with mother nature, people. She is an angry and vengeful b*tch.

(Via Steve Caparotta, KATC)