American Apparel’s Female Mannequins Are Going Au Naturel For Valentine’s Day

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01.17.14 6 Comments

Once the clock hit midnight on January 1, 2014, the remnants of Christmas were either stored away for 11 months, or thrown into the incinerator. A new year means a new batch of holidays for grocery, department, and drug stores to sell garbage for, and with all due respect to Martin Luther King Day (“Happy MLK, I got you a I Have a Dream pillow!”), the next big holiday is Valentine’s Day. Even too-cool-for-school-but-not-too-cool-for-school-girls American Apparel is celebrating, by giving their female mannequins visible pubic hair. Via Gothamist:

This week the American Apparel on East Houston Street put up a new window display, featuring a more natural looking mannequin. We called the shop up this morning and the employee who answered told us that the mannequins just went up last night, and he had never seen them before…”not in this configuration” (a.k.a. full 1970s porn bush showing through a high-waisted white panty). While leaving nothing to the imagination, at least this mannequin looks like she’s of a more…legal age, than say, the models used to sell the clothes online. (Via)

Check out the photos here. Be sure to pay tribute to the deceased capybaras that died so these merkins could live.

Banner via @huhmagazine, via Gothamist

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