Things Don’t End Well For This Female Powerlifter Or Her Audience

God bless the internet for bestowing us with the best and worst of humanity. At first glance, this seems like a “worst” scenario, but things improve fairly quickly. Instagram user BlondeBeautyBri participated in the “Rum9” or Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships, and things didn’t go terribly awesome for her. She got her lift on, but the pressures of competition along with the simple fact that she was doing something highly unnatural — heaving a small elephant into the air — did not bode well. Her effort prompted an unintended consequence to spew from the depths of her body. And it looks like she may have soaked a few judges or audience members.

However, this lady wasn’t too embarrassed. She was actually proud of herself for committing so hard to the sport, and she uploaded her own video and meme’d up photos to Instagram. True, this could have been worse (she probably only spewed a protein shake), but can you imagine having these images spread all over the internet? Ms. BlondeBeautyBri even hashtagged her bodily function and posted Exorcist-themed pieces of fan art to prove her enduring sense of humor. Man, she is such a good sport.

Well, it looks like someone’s lobbying to appear on Tosh.O. Let’s make it happen, internet.

(Via BroBible)

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