First Clip From 'Total Recall' Plus A TV Spot And Trigger Happy Pictures

When last we spoke of Len Wiseman’s Total Recall remake (opening August 3rd), it was to relay the very important three-boobed hooker news. It was a beautiful day. Now we have the first clip from the film and a short TV spot, as well as a bunch of pictures.
About those pictures: for something set in the future, these people sure love inconveniently large handguns. So it appears we figured out the flying cars and memory replacement thing — rewiring neurons individually and simplifying aircraft for mass consumption — but the whole “small, lightweight weapons” thing is still out of reach. Yeah, I’m aware these are supposed to create their own ammo or something like that (Hollywood shorthand for, “We didn’t want any boring reloading scenes”), but do they have to look like water pistols painted gunmetal black? Yes, Kate Beckensale is in tight pants and I’m writing about handguns being kind of large. I have jumped the shark as a human being.
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Clip starts at 5:39.