The First ‘The Evil Within’ Gameplay Trailer Is Frighteningly Good

The Evil Within is probably my most anticipated game of 2014. Shinji Mikami working on a new very Resident Evil-esque horror game? I very much want that s–t, even if thus far we haven’t seen much of the game. In fact, today marks the release of the first The Evil Within trailer to feature any sort of gameplay footage (the game’s first trailer was a live-action teaser thing).

Hit the jump to check out the trailer…

Wow, okay, so apparently this game is, at least in part, Shinji Mikami’s take on Resident Evil 2 (RE2 was one of a handful of Resident Evils Mikami didn’t personally direct). I mean, I don’t have the time or ability to do a video comparison, but like, half the areas shown in that trailer were directly lifted from Resident Evil 2, right? Just with warping cloaked people and spider-ladies instead of lickers? Give this to me now dammit.

via DualShockers