‘Fish Bras’ Are The Hottest New Summer Instagram Trend

News & Culture Writer

It’s summertime, so you know what that means: boats, fishing, and bikinis. Put those things together, and what do we have? Fish bras! Yes, fish bras, the hottest new Instagram trend of the summer. In a nutshell, a fish bra happens when a lady holds up a trophy catch in front of her boobs, bikini-clad or otherwise — basically recreating the top half of Kim Kardashian’s nude, black bar selfie, only with a fish.

What could be sexier than fish and boobs? Not much, according to the official Fish Bra Instagram account, which currently boasts 104,000 followers. I guess nyotaimori, or the Japanese practice of eating sushi off naked female bodies, is a thing for a reason?

Who knows! At any rate, getting back to the subject of fish bras, you clicked on this for a reason, so far be it from me to disappoint.

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