People Are Shocked By This Fitness Blogger’s Pregnant Figure

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05.17.16 3 Comments

Just like snowflakes, no two women carry a pregnancy alike. Too many variables — including genetics, environment and diet — can switch up the process for each person. And every lady knows if she gets pregnant a second time, this will likely bring a very different experience than her first rodeo. Hannah Polites, a fitness blogger (and midwife), has surprised her Instagram followers with a pregnancy that seems to defy all previous assumptions.

According to the above photo caption, she’s six months pregnant, which isn’t as shocking as the photos you’ll see later. First, here are a few pictures of Polites after she’s gestated for about 4.5 months. No one would have ever been able to tell she was pregnant without the captions (or baby shoes).

Oh hi there little bump 👋 Almost halfway 🍼🍼 #18w4d

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