Five Marvel One-Shots We’d Like To See

Word of the latest Marvel One-Shot has arrived, and apparently the Mandarin will be struggling with the joys and problems of being chucked in jail for his role in the events of Iron Man 3. But that’s not the only character we’re interested in, in the Marvel Universe. Here are five One-Shots we’d really like to see.

Black Widow On Assignment

Realistically, there should be a Black Widow movie, but any momentum on that seems to have died because Scarlett Johansson, unlike her costars, can actually demand a salary of more than the low six figures. Consider that Peggy Carter will likely have her own period TV series next year, and she wasn’t even in the movie that made a billion dollars. But a short, snappy Black Widow story would be nice to see, especially since Natasha was one of the best characters in both Iron Man 2 and The Avengers.

Captain Britain Versus Thor’s Leftovers

Thor: The Dark World ends with a gigantic beast from another realm stuck in London, trying adorably to eat pigeons. While he’s a cute little spud, one would imagine it’s only a matter of time before he works out eating people is probably a lot less effort for more food. And, who better to clean up Thor’s leftovers than Captain Britain? Really, we trashed London, the least we can do is give the British their own superhero.

War Machine Actually Going To War

Let’s face it, a Rhodey feature film is never going to happen, not while the main franchise brings in ten figures worth of cash. But he deserves some time in the limelight, especially since Don Cheadle probably still gets drunken phone calls from Terence Howard. Marvel owes him that much.

Bruce Banner’s Day Job

The Hulk is a lot like Superman: It doesn’t matter what you do with him when he has his own movie, people are never satisfied. Besides, we have to admit we’re curious as to what, precisely Bruce Banner has been getting up to since he essentially became besties with Tony Stark. And how it can go horribly wrong, because it’s Bruce Banner: Something has to.

Sif Cleaning Up Asgard

Jamie Alexander has been denied her rightful place as Wonder Woman, thanks to the long-term contracts Marvel locks its cast members into. But Sif is still a highly interesting character, and it’s implied somewhat that she’s picking up Thor’s slack while he goofs off in Midgard, so seeing what that involves would be a lot of fun.

Any ideas for Marvel One-Shots? Let us know in the comments!