Tigers In Indonesia Have Trapped Five Men In A Tree Where They’ll Be Stuck For Days

Let’s start with the lesson: don’t f*ck with tigers. Ever.

Six men in Indonesia took a trip to the Gunung Leuser jungle to find a rare wood for incense. While there, they set traps and inadvertently killed a tiger cub. So, they screwed up and grown up Sumatran tigers came for revenge.

One of the men has already been mauled to death and the other five took to a tree to hide away. They’ve been there since Thursday. And — get this part — authorities are going to need to take a few days to scour the jungle to find where the survivors are hiding. So when it’s all said and done, they may be hiding in a tree from tigers…for a damn week.

“If the tigers remain under the tree, we may have to shoot or sedate them to rescue the five people,” Mr Sodani added.

The six men, all from Simpang Kiri village in Aceh Tamiang district, had ventured into the national park in search of rare incense wood.

“People keep entering the jungle to look for the wood because it’s very expensive,” the police chief said.

“But that’s the risk: there are many tigers and elephants in Gunung Leuser jungle.”

Apparently this is a thing where people go to the Gunung Leuser jungle looking for expensive wood. That jungle is also where the largest population of Sumatran tigers live. Just…don’t. Just don’t go there anymore. Your incense can use cheaper wood or something.