Five Reasons Why Being a 30-Year-Old Gamer Is Awesome

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04.16.12 17 Comments
On Friday, our own Nathan Birch posted an article about why turning 30 and still being a gamer can wear on your suddenly aging bones. And, having turned 30 this year myself, I can see where he’s coming from.

But there are some upsides to having played games for more than two decades. Upsides I never expected to have, but are there, and are absolutely awesome.

Realistically speaking, gamers in their thirties have it made in ways we don’t often appreciate. Really. As hard as it is to believe, it’s way better than when we were kids.

Like for example…

#5) The Only Person Controlling Your Gaming Is You

Stop and consider what’s dictated your gaming decisions: it’s usually a combination of money and some form of authority figure. But by this point you presumably have an okay job and are living on your own. So you no longer have to use the console you got for Christmas; you can just buy one of your own. And buy any game you want.

#4) Revisiting Your Teenage Self Is Hilarious

Headsets add a little too much to many games, especially trash talk. And way too many teenagers have them, but, to be honest, part of the reason I can’t do multiplayer is the simple fact that I’m laughing too hard. I just can’t take all the chest-pounding and poor sportsmanship seriously, and it annoys other players. And we were all like that, back in the day, which just makes it funnier. Oh, yes, I remember when I thought being good at video games was deeply important.

Of course, even funnier is…

#3) Torturing Your Teenage Self Is Not Only Easy, But Encouraged

I rented the new “Mortal Kombat” when it came out, mostly for the nostalgia factor and to see what Netherrealm had whipped up, and went into the online mode, because I’m a masochist. And I found that years of playing “Mortal Kombat” were not, in fact, wasted because pretty much every opponent I ran into was a dick who stunk at playing the game, so I beat them handily. Which wasn’t nearly as fun as listening to them scream about how I must be cheating, while really all it was was experience and simply being better than them.

Maybe it’s unhealthy to find driving a twelve-year-old into a controller-smashing ragequit funny, but hey, he needs to learn that his mouth is writing checks his thumbs can’t cash, just like we did, back in the day, only instead of being a mullet-sporting loser at the bowling alley, we’re awesome guys with real jobs and significant others who touch us sexually.

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