That Couple Who Had Sex On A Florida Public Beach Might Get Nailed With 15 Years

While it might be fun to cover whatever dumb deviant stories that Florida churns out in an endless news cycle, it’s easy to forget that these actions have real repercussions for the people wrapped up in them. Such is the case of the beach-banging couple we brought you last July. Jose “Benny” Caballero and Elissa Alvarez were charged with lewd and lascivious behavior after having full on penis-vagina sex on a beach full of children and the elderly for 25 minutes.

This week, the couple was finally seen in court over the incident, and a jury found them guilty in just 15 minutes. The ruling carries heavy consequences, however, because not only will Caballero and Alvarez have to register as sex offenders, but they face a maximum prison sentences of 15 years, according to the Miami Herald.

A sentencing date was not announced, but Assistant State Attorney Anthony Dafonseca said they will pursue a harsher sentence for Caballero than Alvarez, since Alvarez has no prior record and Caballero has been to prison for almost eight years for a cocaine trafficking conviction.

The state will ask for jail time for Alvarez and prison time for Caballero. Dafonseca said due to Caballero being out of prison less than three years before committing another felony, he’s looking at serving the maximum time of 15 years.

Prior record or not, 15 years in prison for beach sex seems like a case of the punishment far outweighing the crime. State attorneys on the case claim that the couple being tourists weighs in on their decision to push for the maximum sentence, to send a message that this type of behavior won’t be tolerated on their public beaches.

If sex on the beach was actually that bad, would there be a cocktail named after it? Peach schnapps never hurt anyone.

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