More Smart Ideas Out Of Florida: How About A Shooting Range That Serves Booze?


Florida is opening its first gun range attached to a restaurant with a liquor license in Daytona Beach. This actually isn’t an unprecedented concept for our great nation, as Oklahoma City somewhat famously opened a gun range with a liquor license in 2014. And hey! This is Florida we’re talking about. What could go wrong?

The Daytona Beach News Journal seeks to dispel concerns:

The new entrepreneurs, Ron Perkinson and Edward Staudt, of Port Orange, said they’ll turn the property at 2900 Bellevue Ave. into an upscale restaurant that serves alcoholic libations and an indoor gun range. Perkinson stressed that he’s opening a restaurant, not a bar. But he said he needs alcohol sales to make the restaurant profitable.

Perkinson said he’s studied combining restaurants and ranges for two years and will take his precautions further than those of other establishments across the nation. He said he’ll keep a watch list for customers who could be trouble and he’ll contact police when necessary.

A watch list of customers who may cause trouble! That sounds about as foolproof as oh, I dunno… America’s firearms regulations in the first place? Perkinson claims that the restaurant will also be required to scan the drivers licenses of anyone partaking in an alcoholic beverage. Sounds like a winning plan to me.

(Via Daytona Beach News Journal via CBS 12 News)