This Florida Woman Went To Jail For Allegedly Riding A Sea Turtle

In another piece of news that reminds us that people are just the worst, the authorities in Melbourne, Florida — it’s not just a city in Australia anymore — arrested the above woman for sitting on some sea turtles after posting images of the act on social media. Considered an endangered species, and federally protected since 1973, the Marine Turtle Protection Act “restricts the disturbance, molestation, and harassment” of these creatures. However, that didn’t stop Stephanie Marie Moore from throwing up the devil horns before taking one for a ride.

The 20-year old was taken to Brevard County Jail after police responded to a called-in disturbance at a house Saturday morning. Here, they found Moore, who had an active warrant for the incident which occurred earlier this Summer. Since the turtle-sitting event had already transpired, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission conducted their own criminal investigation after photos of the instance allegedly hit Snapchat and Facebook in July. Moore is now being held on a $2,000 bond.

The other woman who took part in the illegal activity on Melbourne Beach has neither been found nor prosecuted. One thing is for sure, sea turtles aren’t good for riding but they sure do make for good kissing partners. Or something.

(Via Mashable)