The #FollowMeTo Couple Shows How They Really Capture Their Viral Photos

Photographer Murad Osmann and his wife, Natalia, appear to live a charmed existence. They travel the globe and regularly land in exotic destinations to fuel their incredibly popular Instagram account. They even celebrated their lavish wedding with the internet in mind, and for years, they’ve built up a solid following that now stands at nearly four million. Natalia never relinquishes her signature pose, and as the hashtag suggests, Murad is happy to follow. Their chosen settings are always breathtaking, but some folks are even more captivated by the couple’s portrayal of their relationship. A jet-setting lifestyle and all that “romantic” hand holding seem idealistic, but what happens when the Osmanns allow other cameras to follow, as well?

The couple — who have frequented Sri Lanka, Moscow, Las Vegas, Dubai, and the Maldives (among other places) — popped over to India for several photo shoots. They released a behind-the-scenes video that shows how much work goes into their location scouting and costumery, along with the actual poses themselves, and everything seems perfectly exhausting. Also in this video, one can witness the stark contrast of the Osmanns’ opulence against the poverty-stricken setting. The effect is somewhat discombobulating, but also reveals the orchestrated measures beyond these seemingly candid photos. Of course, we all knew these pictures didn’t arrive easily, but nonetheless, this is an eye-opening process.

After the video, you’ll find some of Natalia’s latest poses and some rare face time from the couple. What a life these two lead.