Is This What Football Would Sound Like With A British Announcer? We Should Hope So

The gentlemen behind “The Exploding Heads” are back with another of their wonderful “Bad British Commentary” videos that have been huge viral hits, like last June’s baseball version that hilariously revealed that Ichiro Suzuki looks a lot like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This time, the Heads have given the bad commentary treatment to American football, specifically last year’s BCS Championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame.

I won’t bother spoiling any of the jokes for you, as you can just watch the video and laugh for yourselves, but if you don’t laugh at, “Shows it to his friend…” then I’m afraid I can’t invite you to my Bar Mitzvah.

In case you were wondering if anyone posted the dumbest possible YouTube comment on this video, yes. Yes someone did.

No sir, Alabama went on to play in the Super Bowl and defeated Real Madrid to advance to Miss Universe. Unfortunately, the game was canceled due to Vogon interference. Oh well, maybe next year.