This Quick-Thinking British Boy Who Saved A Choking Classmate Proves You’re Never Too Small To Be A Hero

Most 4-year-olds are not quick thinkers. Instead of being aware of their surroundings, most are ruled by whoever just stole their favorite toy or when the next snack time will occur. However, one tiny tot decided to get his head out of the metaphorical sandbox and prove that little dudes can save lives too. Harvey Price, a 4-year-old from Caerphilly County, South East Wales, noticed that his classmate, Aniya, was choking on her lunch. Before any of the adults present could act, little Harvey had already smacked Aniya repeatedly on her back, dislodging the food that was making her choke, effectively saving her life.

With his quick thinking, Price earned the nickname “Dr. Harvey” and the admiration of his classmates at Pantside Primary School. Aniya’s mother, Sinead Williams, has dubbed Harvey “an angel,” and his teach Kira Watkins was also quick to praise her student:

“Harvey reacted immediately and whacked her on the back. He jumped up without even a second thought,” Watkins said. “He is a delightful little boy and is very happy and caring.”

When asked if he wants to pursue a medical career when he gets older, Price proclaimed that he would rather be a superhero. Fair enough. He may have saved a life, but he’s still just 4 years old. Let’s give him a few more years before he has to make any major life decisions.

(Via BBC)