Of Course The Folks At Fox Business Have A Problem With ‘The Lego Movie’

Fox Business once again took a hard look at the movies we are allowing our kids to watch and found themselves disgusted by The Lego Movie. Their reasons? Anti-capitalist propaganda. Because if anything is anti-capitalism, it’s a Hollywood feature that just pulled in close to $70 million at the box office.

You might remember how the folks at Fox had issues with The Lorax being environmentalist tripe and The Muppets for painting businessmen as puppet hating freaks. But The Lego Movie, with main antagonist President Business, is a whole new level of leftist garbledegook.

The debate against The Lego Movie gets so strong, Monica Crowley is forced to step up her crazy a bit and defend Mr. Potter from It’s A Wonderful Life. So what if Jimmy Stewart wants to die because his life has been ruined? That’s life. Bankers are people too, Clarence.

One fact is clear in this case: The people at Fox Business wouldn’t know what to do if they met someone who was actually anti-business. In fact, I doubt they’d run as he or she doused the set in gasoline and called for the head of Rupert Murdoch on a silver platter.

Hey, you know. I don’t think I know what anti-business looks like either. Probably watching too much Fox.

(Via Fox Business / MMFA )