‘Fox And Friends’ Host Brian Kilmeade’s Casual Remarks About Knock-Off Vaccine Cards Are Inspiring Plenty Of Disgust

Back in May, the Fox and Friends co-hosts (Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade) all made sure to let their audience know (while apparently distancing themselves from Tucker Carlson) that they’d all been vaccinated against COVID-19. Since that day, however, Kilmeade’s been rather grumbly about the idea of virus-related mandates, and that’s not resting well with people who recognize how dangerous it is to air misinformation on a cable news network.

On Wednesday morning, Earhardt actually led the charge on that end. She noted how Texas Governor Greg Abbott tested positive, which led to her (inaccurate) assertion that heading to the hospital to take Regeneron after infection is “basically still getting vaccinated.” Following that heaping helping of misinformation, Kilmeade interjected (while complaining, “You can’t go to anything unless you have your vaccination card”) that it’s possible to get a fake vaccine card for “a dollar.” The casual manner in which he inserted this suggestion (in what could be interpreted as a wink-wink, nod-nod) to millions of Fox News viewers is, well, irresponsible as heck, as pointed out on Twitter.

Then there’s the little fact that encouraging someone to use a fake vaccine card is a crime (possibly even a felony), and NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio noticed.

Also yup, Kilmeade should probably take his own previous advice to not take medical advice from a talking head, even the one sitting next to him.