Fox News Host Steve Doocy Tried To Interview New Yorkers On The Street, And It Did Not Go Well

New York is currently considering a bill that would allow police to issue tickets those who are caught texting while walking through an intersection. The bill, which is sponsored by Democrats who control the state Legislature, would fine offenders $25 to $50 for texting and walking, unless they can prove it’s an emergency.

This was quite the scoop for Fox and Friends, and with Fox News headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, they sent Steve Doocy out onto the streets of New York City on Monday to talk to morning commuters about their thoughts on texting while walking. In what will come as a huge surprise however, New Yorkers did not want to talk to Fox News!

In the segment, which they appropriately called “DOOCE ON THE LOOSE,” Doocy approaches several people — some looking at their phone, some not looking at their phone, and some wearing earbuds, which is of course city-language for “don’t talk to me.” Yet, he persisted.

“She’s in a hurry to go to work,” he said, after getting rebuffed by the first woman he attempted to talk to. After strike two the Dooce added, “Can you believe that New York City is a very busy place?” “Hey, excuse me, can I ask you a question?” he said, chasing after yet another man who was absolutely not having it. “Everybody’s busy…”

Well that’s one way of looking at it, but others on Twitter pointed out some harsh realities or just mocking Doocy in general:

Even Mr. Kellyanne Conway weighed in:

Should you suspect your dooce is on the loose, it is best to seek medical attention immediately.