A Fox News Host Savagely Live-Tweeted An Andrew Cuomo Press Conference About His Alleged Mishandling Of Nursing Homes

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has presented himself as one of the heroes of the pandemic. He even won an Emmy for it! But while his state — particularly New York City — didn’t suffer as much as it could have, his efforts have still been very far from perfect. Case in point: A new report claimed he and his administration withheld data involving nursing homes, which were among the hardest hit in the state. On Monday, Cuomo held one of his famous press conferences, although this time he intended to address the allegations. But one Fox News host wasn’t having it.

Janice Dean, who currently serves as co-host and weather reporter on Fox and Friends, was watching Cuomo’s presser at the time, and she had some words. And for good reason: Tragically, both of Dean’s parents died from COVID-19-related complications while living in New York assisted living facilities. Previously she’s attacked the rosy coverage Cuomo’s received, calling them “puff pieces.” So when he tried to deflect blame, she went on an epic Twitter tear.

Dean began by saying she “can’t listen to this guy.” But listen to him she did, and what resulted was a furious and righteously angry series of tweets — not even threaded but one right after the other. Some were general complaints (“He’s lying,” “He is just a disgrace”). Some were specific, accusing him of passing the buck, of distorting the numbers, of simply not caring. You can read it all below.

Though Dean stopped tweeting after Cuomo’s presser ended, she wasn’t done. She called in to her colleague Martha MacCallum’s Fox News show, saying, “I am astonished, astonished that he continues to be a broken record about the nursing home issue, passing blame on everyone once again.” She called him a “bully” who “cannot be empathetic at all.” And she called for an “independent bipartisan investigation into this governor and his administration.”

(Via Mediate)