Frank Miller To Beat Sin City Into The Floor

10.18.11 8 years ago

Frank Miller has become an object lesson in what happens when you pretty much go insane in your middle age. Seriously, remember when he was respected? Remember when he was good? At least he had the awareness to understand “Holy Terror” wasn’t a Batman story, but he didn’t understand that it was terrible. It was like reading that godawful book where Sean Hannity is a super-secret agent saving America from libruls (yeah, that happened) with a slightly better writer who went way, way off his meds.

Anyway, because he’s got alimony to pay and he hasn’t managed to alienate absolutely everybody with two X chromosomes who read comics yet, he mentioned at the New York Comic Con, at the Legendary panel, that he’d be returning to Sin City and doing the stories exclusively with Dark Horse. We’re looking forward to yet another story about Marv or Dwight hanging out with hookers and shooting people in the face, because that didn’t get old five collections ago.

Also, as a side note, I really can’t believe that Legendary, which by the way is owned by a major motion picture production company, honestly expects us to believe they’re making comics solely because they like making comics. Sure, guys, you’re not trying to develop your own in-house film franchises, not at all. At least Paul Pope and Matt Wagner are getting steady work.

[ via the unholy terrors at Comic Book Resources ]

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