#FreeShia Movement Breaks Out On Twitter In The Wake Of Shia Labeouf’s Arrest

By now you’ve probably heard that Shia Labeouf was arrested early Thursday morning at the site of his latest performance art installment, “He Will Not Divide Us,” at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. The 24 hour, seven days a week live stream, which invites spectators to participate by speaking the phrase “he will not divide us” into a wall-mounted camera, went up the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration and is planned to continue for at least the next four years (if not sooner) when he leaves office.

Unfortunately, the exhibit quickly became a magnet for Trump supporters, which has resulted in NYPD being posted at the site since Monday. The Thursday incident in question occurred when the former Even Stevens star got into a scuffle with an unnamed 25-year-old protester, in which he pulled on the man’s scarf and scratched his face. Labeouf was promptly arrested by officers at the scene and charged with misdemeanor assault, as well as a harassment violation.

Labeouf has since been released from jail, however that did not stop throngs of fans from speaking out on his behalf as the hashtag #FreeShia began trending on Twitter Thursday morning — because of course it did. The responses ranged from funny to serious to outraged, as you can see below.

(Via CNN)