Free-To-Play Pokemon Is A Nightmare

If there was ever a game that could lend itself to the insidious beast that is “free-to-play,” it’d be Pokemon. And now, a brave, sad soul has looked into the abyss, and asked just what Pokemon: Cash Green edition would look like.

Specifically, Redditor ktrcoyote created some hilarious GIFs. This one GIF pretty much sums it up entirely:

What stings is just how accurate this is. Everything has to be paid for with “Pokegems,” and continuing the game requires either waiting out a counter or coughing up the dough. The worst part is that it’s pretty easy to actually play this game, if you want to hate yourself and your fellow human beings. There are plenty of “free” Pokemon knockoffs, quite a few of which are utterly shameless, and they play just as painfully as you’d expect. So, good job, ktrcoyote. Just make sure Nintendo never sees this.