‘Frozen’ Meets ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Is The Mashup You Can’t Unsee

08.13.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

When Disney meets S&M, magic happens.

Ok, so you didn’t ask for it, but since mashups seem to be taking over as the next internet craze — sorry ice bucket challenge — you might as well give in and watch this disturbing yet brilliant masterpiece affectionately dubbed “Fifty Shades of Frozen.” Of course, in this version, Princess Anna is doubling as the doe-eyed sexually inexperienced Anastasia Steele seduced by the megalomaniac billionaire Christian Grey (here played by Prince Hans) who has some unique tastes in the bedroom. We could comment on the fact that the douchebag of the Disney film was chosen to play the “perfect” man in the E.L. James series, but we’ll strap on the ball gag instead.

Jamie Dornan’s sexy/serial killer vibe somehow translates to his animated counterpart but what really makes this mashup (and the original Fifty Shades of Grey trailer) worth watching is — what else? — Beyoncé. That “Crazy in Love” remix is bangin (pun intended).

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