People Can’t Stop Clowning On The Incels Who Are Mad About Netflix’s New ‘She-Ra’ Cartoon

The first look at Netflix and Dreamworks cartoon She-Ra and the Princesses of Power has arrived. More artwork from the series was also tweeted out by showrunner Noelle Stevenson:

It’s a little surreal that someone I used to follow on Tumblr for the funny drawings has since won Eisner awards for Nimona and Lumberjanes and is running the She-Ra cartoon now. But even more surreal are the dudes who seem to think the creators of cartoons for little kids are obligated to provide grown men with spank bank material. Wait. What’s going on?

We’re not going to link to a bunch of the complaints about She-Ra not being spank-worthy enough (because gross). But here’s one tweet that was especially popular:

So yeah. A small group of dudes seem to be in a dither because a cartoon for children isn’t sexually arousing them. Normal. Healthy. Great hill to die on.

Not surprisingly, people on Twitter are having fun joking about those guys.

Some people pointed out the obvious; the dudes mad about She-Ra now are probably the same dudes who would insult you for liking She-Ra in the ’80s.

This really is the darkest timeline.

But don’t give up hope, weirdos who want to crank it to children’s programming!