A ‘Futurama’ Tribute Shut Down Trains Across Southwestern Connecticut

If you were trying to get somewhere on a train in southwestern Connecticut today, you were probably stuck for a while. And you can blame that lovable scamp Bender, or at least a fan of his.

Some fan built a clock that looks like Bender and then apparently forgot about it on a bridge, according to NBC 4 New York. Which, to be fair, probably looks like a bomb if you’re not familiar with cult classic animations. The response?

The box forced Metro-North to suspend service through Fairfield for more than two hours. There were some delays of up to three hours into Grand Central Terminal in New York. Shortly after 10 AM, trains were running on or close to schedule.

In other words, it was about as effective as Bender’s other plans to kill all humans. Maybe he needed some more Olde Fortran.

The real victim in all this is whoever built that clock. That’s clearly a labor of love, right there, even if it has more enthusiasm than series accuracy. We’d like to know how it wound up dumped on a Connecticut bridge. Was it a well-meaning gift? Thrown from a car out of frustration by a budding prop master? An attempt to bring joy to a stultifying wood shop assignment? We may never know, but the mystery will haunt us.