REMEMBER ME: Bender Wood Stove Is A Fitting ‘Futurama’ Tribute

Entertainment Editor

It’s an indisputable fact that Bender is great. And now a guy nicknamed Rob Halftroll has built a wood stove based on “the perpetually drunken, self-absorbed, belligerent, and conniving robot that is Bender Bending Rodriguez.” Not since the Bender metal replica have we seen a Bender statue so well made.

Rob made the Bender wood stove over three weeks using five gas bottles, 5 kg of welding wire, 90 liters of CO2, assorted bits of steel, plaster, and plenty of liquor. Precious liquor. He put the full log of his building process up at Benderstove. It looks really complicated. We’ll just have to make our own design of a Bender wood stove. With blackjack and hookers! In fact, forget the wood stove.

And, yes, it does function as a real stove, as evidenced by this video.

Oh, wait, wrong video. Here’s the stove:

Now Bender is filled with fire. He must have said antiquing.

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