Game Of LOLs: Game Of Thrones Meets Internet Lulz

Like most people who became avid fans of Game of Thrones during its first season, I’ve had a tough time filling the void since the finale (bullying local middle school kids who slightly resemble Joffrey only gets you through a week or so). Luckily for us the internet has responded in impressive fashion, even by internet standards, which makes sense when you consider the geek quotient of all aspects involved. “Arrested Westeros”, “Hipster Ned Stark”, and the “Sean Bean Death Reel” are my favorite examples, but there’s a ton of stuff out there to help bridge the gap to season two.

Game of LOLs is a little over a month old and has already compiled an impressive collection. It can be hit or miss but a good bit made me figuratively LOL. I give the following “must check out” status whether you watch Game of Thrones or not. And as the above banner image suggests, I’m not too concerned with spoiler alerts. This is Internet, deal with it.

Game of LOLs

Totally looks like…

Bonus new addition to the internet today!

Via: Warming Glow