George P. Bush Is Being Dragged For Aligning Himself With Trump Even After Trump Trashed Pretty Much Every Member Of The Bush Family

Despite almost the entire Bush family denouncing Donald Trump, signifying a growing political rift inside the Republican Party, George P. Bush has embraced the former president as he attempts to leverage Trump’s base to win the race for Texas Attorney General. It’s a surprising alliance considering as soon as Trump started dipping his toes in making a presidential run back in 2012, he famously trash-talked the Bush family including making racist remarks about George P.’s own parents, Jeb and Columba Bush.

However, that hasn’t stopped George P. from cozying up to Trump, who not only loves the attention, but has reportedly taken to calling the Texas AG candidate “My Bush.” Via Politico:

“Don’t get me wrong: George P. has played this exactly right, and he’s definitely more conservative than his dad, and Trump knows that,” said one Trump confidante who discussed the race with him recently. “But I can tell you the president enjoys the prospect of knowing how much it kills Jeb that his son has to bend the knee and kiss the ring. Who’s your daddy? Trump loves that.”

While George P. may be willing to forget how Trump treated his family, the internet has not. The wayward member of the Republican dynasty has been getting dragged on social media for essentially choosing Trump over his own flesh and blood.

It also didn’t help that George P. unveiled a new beer koozie to promote his campaign on Wednesday. The odd swag features a picture of Trump shaking hands with the candidate along with his infamous quote, “This is the only Bush that likes me. This is the Bush that got it right. I like him.”

Naturally, Twitter had a field day: