George R.R. Martin’s New Book Announcement Might Be The Greatest Troll Job The Literary Devil Ever Pulled Off

At this point, George R.R. Martin readers (and viewers of shows based upon his source material) should probably accept that the long-promised Winds Of Winter book might be a fable. The much-hounded author has promised this tome for many years, and in 2020, the day even arrived when Martin said that fans could imprison him if he hadn’t finished the book. Three years later, still no arrival date sits on the horizon. He is a busy man, after all.

(House of the Dragon Season 2 will certainly arrive much sooner!)

Well, Martin might be trolling people with his latest announcement involving a book that contains his writing. This is perhaps even more faux-cruel than his involvement in producing AMC’s Dark Winds (yes, nice title). Martin took to social media with a declaration that he’s “excited to introduce you to THE OFFICIAL GAME OF THRONES COOKBOOK!”

A… what?

Yes, a cookbook. This isn’t the first one, either, but this one will have Dothraki recipes. The arrival date is May 7, 2024, and the book is authored by Chelsea Monroe-Casselat with a foreword by Martin.

Seriously, the Purple Wedding drinks could be off the hook. More to the point, though, GRRM’s replies were a sea of questions about Winds of Winter and inquiries about whether this was an intentional troll-job tweet.

C’mon, the dude does have a sense of humor. You gotta give him that.