Why The Heck Are People Turning To George Zimmerman For Social Commentary?

The fact that George Zimmerman doing anything that is considered news is a slap in the face of actual important news, but what he’s been doing lately really has people disgusted. The man who claims he’s living with PTSD from his “stand your ground” case recently broke back into the headlines by selling confederate flag paintings to benefit an anti-Muslim gun shop, but this week he has really outdone himself by mocking President Obama in the wake of the tragic and horrifying shooting of two television reporters. What makes it all worse, of course, is that Zimmerman’s almost-parody-like Twitter account not only has followers, but also people who genuinely agree with him and view him as a trusted social commentator.

But that’s kind of the point and peril of social media and personal #BRANDS, as like minded people will always thrive in each other’s presence while everyone else looks at them in astonishment. Zimmerman caters to a certain crowd, just as Khloe Kardashian caters to her own crowd of wannabe fame leeches on a much bigger and more ridiculous level. Even the race for the GOP nomination has Ben Carson somehow stealing headlines from Donald Trump this week (meaning that Trump should strike back twice as hard next week), so it’s almost like it has become a contest to see who can say the most asinine thing and prosper for it.

In fact, that’s exactly what anchors Tom Storey and Briana Lane are talking about in today’s very special episode of The Desk.