Geraldo Rivera And Greg Gutfeld Absolutely Lost Their Sh*t On Each Other Over The Treatment Of Haitian Immigrants

While anecdotal evidence suggests that the average human loses both brain cells and part of their soul for every one hour of Fox News they watch, even we’d be remiss to deny that it can sometimes be entertaining. Not informative, mind you—just entertaining. Case in point: Geraldo Rivera and Greg Gutfeld going at each other during what could have been two totally civil, but separate, conversations involving Haitian immigrants and rampant crime.

While a full transcript of the argument would be too painful to make you read, what the argument boiled down to was this: all five of The Five were talking about the thousands of Haitian immigrants being allowed into the U.S. when Gutfeld began talking about how Joe Biden is “under control of the hard left, who are bent on remaking society” and complaining about the media. He then segued into a whole thing about “the media and the Democrats ignoring the rampant crime that started last summer all the way to the present time.” This is when a very fired-up Geraldo tried to interject, and Gutfeld responded with a very mature, “Stop, Geraldo! Let me finish! I let you talk for god knows how long…”

Fox News

This is not the face of a man who wants to have a civil conversation.

When Geraldo finally did get his chance to pipe up, he “had to rebut what Greg said about Haitian immigrants and crime. There’s absolutely no evidence. I defy you to find an incident…”

Then Gutfeld jumped back in, claiming that Geraldo had totally misinterpreted what he said. That his jump from talking about Haitian immigrants to rampant crime was just a hard U-turn of a segue, and that he didn’t mean to imply the two were related… Really?

When Gutfeld told Geraldo that “you’re embarrassing me,” Geraldo replied “Well, be embarrassed.” That’s when Gutfeld lost his sh*t:

“No, no, no, no, no! Let me respond to your lie! To your face! I was talking about how the media ignored a story about the crime issue. It wasn’t about Haiti. Jesus! Apologize!”

Later on in the show, they actually re-read the transcript of the argument so that Geraldo and Gutfeld could make up and be friends again. While Geraldo did end up apologizing to Gutfeld, he wasn’t about to let his co-hosts quick transition from talking about Haiti to a crime wave and rising homicide rates go unchecked:

“I apologize because I believe you are very clever… it’s a pleasure being on the program with you. My problem with what you said is the juxtaposition, even though you did not intend it, between violent crime—which is a separate topic and you made that clear in the point and that’s why I apologized—and the Haitian immigrants. They have enough problems. To be lumped into the same paragraph with urban crime I think does them a disservice.”

Oh my god—did we just agree with Geraldo on something?!

You can watch the full fight above.