This German Shepherd Is Clearly A Big ‘Zootopia’ Fan

Have you been holding off on seeing Disney’s Zootopia because you haven’t gotten a review from a German Shepherd film critic? If so, kudos on your resolve and you’ll be happy to know that your desired species of critic has weighed in.

The helpful YouTube rectangle at the top of the page features a German Shepherd having its attention grabbed by the mega-popular animated offering. As the wolves on the television screen howl, this adorable dog is moved to howl along with them. It’s a noble howl, an enthusiastic howl and just a downright cute howl. Heck, it’s not that far off from the Fantastic Mr. Fox fist raise, really.

As per the law of the Information Superhighway™, the combination of pet + Disney + adorable has resulted in the clip being a smash online. Shared with the people and dogs of the world yesterday, the 29-second video has already managed to rack up an astounding 98,000 views. Expect that total to keep swelling as pet guardians compare notes on how their own critters react to Zootopia. Of course, how an animal reacts to something can sometimes be up for interpretation. Hit play on the clip nestled above and enjoy the magic.

(Via Mashable)

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